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Super Sleep Yoga

Vanquish sleeplessness, interrupted sleep and insomnia with yoga, mindful practice and better daily habits. You’ll learn how to power down your nervous system to get more potent rest and sleep, whether you suffer with sleeplessness from time-to-time or long term.

Jamie will share with you the highly acclaimed Super Sleep Yoga Sequence by Lisa SanFillipo, which addresses the top five things your body needs to get to sleep more easily and finally have a good night’s rest. 

This worksop will be both experiential and exploratory with lecture and yoga practice. 

What you will learn:
- Bedtime Yoga - The Super Sleep Sequence - 15 minute yoga practice before bed
- Morning Wake-up Yoga - Mop up any sluggishness to start your day fresh
- Power Down ‘rest packets’ - Yoga based secret weapons for sustainable energy all day long
- Daily habits that will optimise your sleep, based on the patterns that are natural to our bodies and brains
- Sleep Saboteurs and Rest Wreckers - knowledge about our circadian rhythms, what you need to know that helps you sleep better at night.

Please bring a notebook and pen with you, bolsters, blankets and any props you might have. 

This introductory workshop to help you regain and begin retraining your body to rest and sleep well. However, you can receive ongoing support from Jamie as she offers individual follow-up sessions to workshop participants at a special rate.

For bookings:

07816 981909 Wibbs Coulsen