Private Yoga Tuition


1;1 Tuition

One-to-one yoga is a personalised experience that can be both empowering and transformational. Each session is tailored to suit your desired outcomes and objectives. 

Private yoga tuition can enable you to develop your own practice, refine areas within your current practice and work with any specific health conditions you may have. 

Typically sessions will last 60-90 minutes and can include:

-wellness assessment

-balanced posture series

    -theraputics for injuries/pain

    -adaptive postures for pregnancy yoga

    -yoga for insomnia (Super Sleep Yoga techniques)

    -gentle yoga asanas

    -building up to/learning new or challenging postures 

-Thai Yoga/Partner Yoga poses

-breathing techniques (pranayama)

-restorative yoga 

-deep relaxation (yoga nidra)


How it works

After an initial session, you can choose to have regular or intermittent sessions usually booked in 6-week blocks to achieve your objectives.

Tuition prices upon request.